Dual Adsense approval for one domain or website

However, One user is allowed to own only one Adsense account in a lifetime. But if you are running a website in partnership, you may use two Adsense account to display adds from two Adsense account. 
The most common case of putting two or more Adsense accounts on the same website comes up when you are running a site in partnership. This partnership could be in the form of guest posts with the external author holding his own approved Adsense account. 

How does Adsense work?

How to get two adsense approved for one Website or domain-How does Adsense work

Google Adsense, a program initially released on June 18, 2003, is a web-based application which let publishers serve to add on their web content in form of text, images, banners, and other interactive media. All the advertising contents are maintained and sorted by Google itself. Publisher generates their revenue on a per-click basis or per impression. Now 14.3 million websites are the active user of the Google Adsense program.

Google itself operates Google Adsense technology to serve advertisements based on website content, the user’s geographical location, and other factors. Adsense is one of the popular programs to monetize the web content on the Internet. Several websites use Adsense program to monetize their web contents(website, online videos, online audio content, etc.) to generate income. Adsense creates and places the advertisements based on the age, interest, of user and relevancy of web content.

How to earn maximum from Google Adsense

How to maximize your income with Adsense

  • y using a wide range of traffic-generation technique. 
  • Building valuable content on web content(website, online videos, online audio content, etc.) that attracts advertisers, who pay out the most on add clicks. 
  • Using high-end text contents to encourage their visitors to click on ads.Adsense revenue is based on the Google Adwords program. Adwords is a program based on a complex pricing model called Vickrey price auction. 

    Webmaster willing to participate in Adsense has to put JavaScript codes into the webpage.
    On every visit of end-user, this javascript code displays content fetched from Google’s servers using inlined JSON technology. 

    Getting Approved for Adsense program 

    Users who wish to participate in Adsense program are welcome to join the program. A user has to create a Google account. After signing in, the user has to put a specific JavaScript code on their website(typically on the HTML files under Head section). After submission of application, Google reviews the application for the specific website and denies or approves the website on the base of a content of the website and quantity of visitors on the website. 

    After the approval of an application, the webmaster is allowed to display add on their website to make revenue. 

    Dual Adsense on one website or Domain 

     Dual adsense on one website or Domain

  • Publishers who have already fully approved Adsense account are free to use ad codes to display advertisements and make revenue on as many sites as they accomplish under Standard term and policies. 
  • However, One user is allowed to own only one Adsense account in a lifetime. But if you are running a website in partnership, you may use two Adsense account to display adds from two Adsense account. 
  • The most common cause of putting two or more Adsense accounts on the same website comes up when you are running a site in partnership. This partnership could be in the form of guest posts with the external author holding his own approved Adsense account. 


Getting two Adsense approval for single Domain or Website 


Visitors often ask me, whether it is possible to get two Adsense approval for single Domain or Website. Well finding the answer I went through the several Google forum and finally I came to know the answer. 

Sometimes, A user who has no idea about web development and content creation hires a web developer to create a website or they purchase already designed and published website. 

In this case, they want to make money by displaying add controlled by their own Adsense account. The answer is YES, you can get approval for two or more Adsense account on same domain or website. 

Things to remember before you apply for new Adsense on an already monetized domain or website. 


  • Make double sure to remove any existing ad codes ever posted on the website from the old Adsense account. Make sure to remove the domain name from the 1st Adsense account. 
  • Placing verification codes from new Adsense account on a website which is already been monetized by another Adsense account may cause suspension of both the Adsense account. 
  • After successfully removal ad codes from the website, make sure to remove verification code from the header of the theme(typically on WordPress and blogger) which you had placed to get your Adsense approval for old Adsense account. 
  • Login to your new Adsense account and generate verification code and paste the code under the theme section of the website. 
  • Wait for the confirmation mail from Adsense. If your website is once approved by the Google Adsense team. The chances are you’ll again get approved for another Adsense account.
    It will typically take 7 working day to get a reply from Google Adsense team.
    All the best.