The WordPress Plugin That Bulk Delete All Comments Easily

The plugin can help you in deleting all the comments (approved, pending, spam and trashed comments) from your wordPress site or you can just delete all the pending comments

Add Statcounter Code To WordPress To Track Users Visits etc.

There are different ways you can add StatCounter code to WordPress if you want to track users visits and more. You can add the code directly into your theme file, you can make use of the StatCounter WordPress plugin and you can also make use of third-party plugins eg Insert Headers and Footers plugin.

Glo Data Calculator Helps You Estimate Your Glo Data Usage

Globacom Nigeria has unveiled “Glo Data Calculator” for the millions of subscribers on the Glo network – to enable them to estimate the amount of Internet data usage on a monthly basis. In a press statement in Lagos, Globacom said Glo Data Calculator will serve subscribers better by engaging them more on the network and allowing them to determine their data usage and consumption pattern.

Best 16 Custom Login Page Generator Plugins for WordPress

Why do we buy a WordPress theme? Because we don’t want our site to look like any other WordPress site out there. We want ours to be unique. If that’s the case with themes, then why not with the login page? 

Secure Your WordPress Website in 2018: check this 23 tips

I’ve heard many website owners complain about the security of WordPress. The main question is whether or not you’re able to completely secure your WordPress website. Are you going to find that it’s easy for someone to hack your site? 

How To A/B Test Blog Post Titles In WordPress & Improve CTR

The title of a blog post is the most important aspect of SEO that you should focus on above all else. Because, no matter how many keywords you stuff into a title, all your efforts will go to waste if no one reads the blog post. 

15 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Website/Blog

WordPress is a great platform. One weakness that it suffers from, however, is it can be quite slow.  Without taking the right precautions, you could end up with a sluggish site.  That’s not only a hassle for repeat visitors but will cause you to lose subscribers and customers. 

500 Internal Server Error & How to fix it proper

The 500 Internal Server Error is a very general HTTP status code that means something has gone wrong on the website's server, but the server could not be more specific on what the exact problem is. 

Best 11 WordPress Captcha Plugins and How to Install them (2018)

While making a website, it is vital to make a website that is safe for both users and website owner. Everybody is aware of spammers flooding the internet. They misuse the website and keep posting spam comments. As a developer or designer it is vital for you to understand what is a Captcha, why are they used and where. So, In this article, we are shedding some light on What is Captcha, Why they are used, Where are they used and also a list of Top 11 WordPress Captcha Plugins. 

Setup free SSL: CloudFlare Free SSL in WordPress the Quickest Way

There is very few Free SSL certificate provider among them Cloudflare has the easiest way to set up on WordPress powered blogs.