Last night while trying to carry out some routine maintenance on a Benue news blog, I discovered that there were thousands of unapproved comments.

I knew over 90% of the comments would be spam. So, I was not interested in going through the comments to check for the ones I will approve.

Instead, I decided to search google, to see if I can get a WordPress plugin I can use to get rid of the spam comments easily without having to go through phpmyadmin.

Fortunately, I stumbled on delete all comments easily WordPress plugin and it worked like a charm!

The plugin can help you in deleting all the comments (approved, pending, spam and trashed comments) from your WordPress site or you can just delete all the pending comments.

It’s so easy to use the plugin.

Sign in to your WordPress dashboard, install and activate the plugin.

Go to Tools » Delete All Comments. Right there, you will see the total number of comments on your WordPress blog and the delete buttons to click if you want to permanently delete all comments on your blog or just the pending comments.

The WordPress Plugin That Bulk Delete All Comments Easily
The WordPress Plugin That Bulk Delete All Comments Easily

After clicking the delete button, you can check the blog’s comments page to confirm that the comments have been deleted successfully. 


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