Six Things To Do If You Have a New Instagram Account
Six Things To Do If You Have a New Instagram Account

Instagram is the fashion social network. Everyone wants to succeed in it. 

Everyone wants to become the next influencers. Everyone wants to have an account with millions of followers like Nike. 

However, Instagram is the fastest changing social network. 

In less than 3 years we have seen how Instagram got its “stories”, and how 2 months ago took out “IGTV”. 

We have also seen how the social network went from 300 million active users to 1,000 million active users. 

The problem with Instagram is that its success has been so fast that people misuse this social network. 

People don’t know how to use Instagram stories. And neither manage to maintain harmony in their accounts. 

Worse yet, they don’t know how to provide valuable content to their users. 

That is why I have decided to write this post. An article where I explain the 6 things that everyone should do when an Instagram account starts. 

I hope it serves you. 


1) Get The 10 Most Similar Accounts to Yours 

Every Instagram account needs to know which are the 10 accounts most similar to yours. 

You need to write down the 10 accounts in a document in excel. 

The idea is to be able to see what works for those accounts. And what things go wrong. 

The styles of the accounts. Your type of audience. The frequency with which they post the photos. Your Brand strategies. 

That and many other things you can discover by only looking at accounts that are more similar to yours. 

Once you have that document done. 

People are free to do whatever they want. You are free to decide which strategies to imitate. And also free to decide how to differentiate yourself from the competition. 


2) Have 10k of Followers as soon as possible 

If you want your account to be taken seriously, you need to reach 10k of followers as soon as possible. 

When a user sees a new Instagram account and sees that they have few followers. It is quite likely that you won’t continue to see the account. 

  • they won’t continue to see the account because you do not have social validation. 
  • Nobody knows the account. People aren’t going to risk following an account that nobody follows. 
  • Not only that, 

Many of the Instagram functions are unlocked when you reach 10 thousand followers. 

Things like the swipe up feature are essential in any marketing strategy. 

At the end, 

The real goal of having an Instagram account is to be able to redirect your traffic to other platforms. To platforms such as your product catalog, or the website of your restaurant. 

And the only way to redirect that traffic is through the “Swipe Up” function. 

How to have 10k followers on Instagram? 

There are several ways to increase your followers on Instagram. 

You could pay an Influencer to redirect traffic to your account. 

You could pay for “Facebook Abs 

Or you could pay for a Bot. 

Either option is valid. 

However, as this post is based on having success in social networks without having money. I’m just going to explain how to increase your followers through a good follow-back strategy. 

How to Do Good Follow Back? 

Doing follow back doesn’t mean starting to follow people like crazy. 

It doesn’t make sense to have 50 thousand followers on Instagram. If more than half of the followers are false accounts. Or accounts that don’t have any similarity with your audience. 

If you are going to do follow back, you need to do it in a sectorized way. 

That’s what the list we did of our competition is for. 

The idea is to start following the followers of those accounts. 

If those accounts have invested years of time in managing to group their fans. The most appropriate would be to take advantage of the work they have already done. And for that, we have to follow the followers of those accounts. 


3) Publish Valuable Content Every Day 

People need to consume content. People need to consume valuable content. 

Your duty is to be the person who satisfies the needs of your users. You can satisfy your users by providing them with valuable content every day. 

You should do between 1 and 2 publications per day. 

You need to post with that frequency so that you are favored by the Instagram algorithm. 

In the beginning, the algorithm will show you some post from your followers. But over time, it’s going to be the opposite. The algorithm will show your brand more and more. And for this, you will need to publish content daily. 

It will produce what is known as “Snowball Effect” in marketing. 

The effect consists of: 

If a small piece of snow falls off a cliff, we see how at first the snowball stays small. It will keep rolling, but its size will not have grown much. 

As the ball rolls, the opposite happens. Little by little it will grow in size. And it will gain speed and strength. 

Its linear moment will be bigger?

Soon, the same snowball will start to take everything in its step downhill. 

and that is the metaphor of the snowball effect. 

In the beginning, you will publish and publish every day but few people will see your publications. 

But little by little that little snowball that you formed will grow uphill. 

People will start to see your publications. The Instagram algorithm will start to favor you. You will be better positioned when you use a hashtag. 

And all that thanks to which you kept publishing constantly. 

In the end, you will see how you become a real snowball that devastates everything in its path. 

How do I publish every day? 

Find a day of the week where you dedicate yourself to make content for the whole week. 

In my case, every Sunday I dedicate myself to make the publications for the whole week. 

And once I have the publications ready. Upload each of the publications on a platform that allows me to publish the content at the time I want. 

4) Have a Good Page Design 

Instagram is a social network of photos. 

You need to post quality photos to be successful on the account. 

And apart from making good photos, you need harmony in your account. 

When a person enters our profile for the first time, see how organized the account is. 

and for this, you will have to fulfill the following things. 

A Good Color Palette. 

The main color of your brand does not matter. The important thing is how you combine the colors of your brand with the rest of the colors. 

For that, you will need a good palette of colors. 

With the page that appears above. You can select a good palette of colors. The page will tell you the colors that most match the main color of your brand. 

A good Image Filter 

Beyond a good palette of colors, you will also need a good filter for your images. 

The filter that you will put on your images is more important than the color palette you are going to use. 

Each photo should have the same filter. 

If you look at an influencer’s account, you will understand that they always use the same filters. 

Influencers maintain harmony, not with the colors of their brand. They maintain the harmony but with the filters they use. 

5) Having Good Highlights 

In the past, when a person first saw an Instagram account. The first thing he noticed was the “description of his biography.” 

The biography was the cover letter of every Instagram account. 

People had to explain in a few words what is the purpose of this account. They had to explain what differentiated them from the rest of the accounts. 

A good description of the biography was so important. It made the difference between a user who followed your account and one who didn’t. 

If your description was bad, the rest of the things were not going to matter. 

That was like that until Instagram took out their stories. 

Now the “Instagram Highlights” are the new description of your biography. It is the first thing a user will see when they start following your account. 


How to make good highlights? 

It is important that all Instagram users have updated highlights. Don’t have a photo of your last meal. That doesn’t put quotes without sense. And don’t put a picture with your friends either. 

A good Highlight say the purpose of the company, its values, its distinguishing feature and the product catalog 

If you are a cosmetics account, one of your highlights should be the catalog of your products 

If you are building your personal brand, in one of the highlights you have to say who you are and what valuable content you bring 

If you are a clothing brand, it is important to put the story of why they decided to start in this area 


6)Post on Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories are the feature that generates the most traffic on Instagram 

It’s where Instagram is making the most innovations. 

Every day we see how Instagram surprises us with a new function for the stories. 

Consider that in just two years, Instagram has released the GIF; the function of Swipe Upp; the possibility of copying the stories and photos of others; be able to place hashtags and mention others; Allow people to ask you, make votes and many other things. 

Instagram stories are the simplest way to generate Engagement. 

Engagement that will result in higher sales and greater impact on the platform. 

How to publish in Instagram Stories? 

The best thing you can do is offer exclusive content in that format. That you decide a segment that is only published in the stories. 

A subtopic that forces people to see your Instagram stories in order to learn about that segment. 

For example 

If you have an exercise account you could talk about how to avoid injuries in a gym 

if you have a clothing store you could give fashion tips for summer 

If you offer a service you could tell the experiences of people using your services 

If you are developing your personal brand, you could share some ideas in that format 


What can You do now? 

I already gave you the 6 things you should do when you start an Instagram account. Now it’s up to you if you decide to follow my advice or not. 

You are free to decide how you will manage your account. 

Just remember that it doesn’t matter how you build your campaign. The important thing is that you fulfill it. The important thing is that you are willing to publish every day. And you’ll have the necessary patience to see how your account evolves. 

Write in the comments what you think is the best advice of all.





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