For those of you who haven’t noticed it yet, MTN has reduced the daily cap on the free browsing cheat from the 1GB daily to just 50mb daily. The good thing, however, is that the Mpulse browsing cheat is still blazing as ever.

The MTN MPulse prepaid plan is the latest tariff plan from MTN and it offers the cheapest data plan price. With just N200, you can get as much as 1.2GB of data. The only problem with the MPulse data is that it doesn’t power all Apps.

You can, however, make the MPulse data work on all your apps with the help of a VPN. A few days ago, I shared working settings for the MPulse data but that was blocked within a few days. This is another setting and this time we are using the HTTP injector.

Below is the latest HTTP injector configuration file and settings. This has been tested and was working at the time of posting this. It’s advisable you use this only on a non-rooted android smartphone.


>> Your Android phone.

>> MTN sim with an active MPulse data plan.

>> HTTP injector. Download HERE or HERE.

>> HTTP Injector configuration file. Download HERE or HERE.
Config file 2: Download HERE or HERE.

Config file 3: Download HERE or HERE.

Config file 4: Download HERE or HERE.

Latest HTTP Injector settings for MTN MPulse Data 

>> First, migrate to MTN mPulse tariff plan by dialing *344*1#.

>> Subscribe to the mPulse 1.2GB for the N150 monthly bundle by dialing *344*2*1*2# or you can check other MPulse data plans.

>> Download and install HTTP injector from HERE

>> Download the MTN MPulse config file HERE

>> Launch the App and click on the file icon (Second icon at the top right corner of the screen.

> Click on Import Config.

MTN Free Browsing Cheat Settings with HTTP Injector VPN (2018)
MTN Free Browsing Cheat Settings with HTTP Injector VPN (2018)

>> locate the MTN MPulse config file you just downloaded and click on import. 

MTN Free Browsing Cheat Settings with HTTP Injector VPN (2018)
MTN Free Browsing Cheat Settings with HTTP Injector VPN (2018)

>> After that, just click on Start and wait for it connects.

Have a nice day, Niggas.

If you have any question, feel free to drop it in the comment section below and also don’t forget to kindly share this post on your various social media platforms if you find it helpful.



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