In Short Hacks: On Facebook, you will find a lot of businesses and organizations who are still using a Facebook profile instead of a page. It is nothing against the Facebook rules but, they are missing everything which a page has to provide. This tutorial, we were going to share How To Convert Facebook Profile into Facebook Fan Page.

Benefits Of Facebook Fan Pages: 

Some of the features of this Facebook page also known as fan page are:

#1 Your page is available for over 1.19 billion people! Which is definitely a huge market. 

#2 Creating this Facebook page is absolutely free of cost! Hence, it is the best platform for the beginners. 

#3 You can instantly notify your fans about events, discounts and special offers. 

#4 It connects you to your potential customers since your page can be searched on Facebook as well as on Google. 

#5 This page is well designed with dedicated tabs which make your business or fan page look attractive which attracts customers. 

Some of the features of this Facebook page also known as “Fan Page” are: You can easily analyze the stats of your page. The stats displayed are in the simplest of their forms. You need not be technical to understand these stats. 

These were some of the very exciting features which a Facebook or fan page provides you with! There are much more such features which mark a difference between a personal account and a business page. So if you are still stuck on a personal profile for business purpose, follow the steps listed below. 

However, it is important for you to know that the migration from a personal profile to a business or fan page is permanent. But, you can request for a reversal if you accidentally converted your personal profile into a business page. Having said this, let’s take a look at the Syria using which you can convert your personal Facebook profile into a business or fan page: 

How To Convert Facebook Profile Into A Facebook Fan Page 2018 

Method #1: This is the most basic method which one can use to migrate from a Facebook personal profile to a business or fan page. 

Step 1- Log in to your personal account. 

Step 2- Go to account settings and tap on ‘Download a copy’ option.

Step 3- Then, click on ‘Start My Archive’ option and again click on ‘Start My Archive’ option which you will find on the pop-up window and then click ‘Okay’. 

Depending on the days that it has to download, it will take a bit of time to download this copy. Once the downloading process is completed, you will receive an email confirming that the download is completed. 

Step 4- Click on the link which was provided to you along with the email and again clicks on the ‘Download a copy’ option. 

Step 5- You will be asked to re-enter your Facebook profile password to continue. Hence, enter your password and click on the ‘Continue’ option. 

Step 6- Now, click on the ‘Download Archive’ option which will appear on your screen to start downloading your data. Store this data somewhere safe! 

Step 7- Then, go to help center and search for ‘convert profile to page.‘ Here, you will find a topic which says ‘how to convert my profile to a page’. Tap on the link which says ‘begin here’. 

Step 8- You will now be directed to the pages section. Here you can choose what kind of page you want to convert your profile into. 

How To Convert Facebook Profile To Facebook Page 2018 

Method #2: In this method, you have to follow the same steps till step number 6 of the first method to download the copy of your existing profile. 

Once the steps are executed, 

Step 1: You can directly go to the pages section by typing ‘Facebook.Com/pages’ and hit enter. 

Step 2: Then click on the ‘Create a page’ option which will be located on the right-hand side of the screen.

Step 3: Then add ‘?migrate’ on the address bar and hit enter again. Now, you can select the page to which you want to convert your profile to Page. 

Once you choose the page to which you want to convert your profile into, enter the required details and check the, I agree on the box and click on ‘get started.’ To confirm the migration, enter the password of your profile and click on ‘Confirm’. Then, enter the security text and click on ‘Submit.’ Then you can enter the ‘about’ column as it is optional. 

Wrap Up: Using any of two methods, you can convert your Facebook profile into a business or a Facebook fan page. I hope now you could easily convert your Facebook profile into a Facebook page in 2018 If you encounter any difficulty in executing this method or if you have found an easier method to do the same, please let us know in the comments section. 


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