In this article, I will show you step by step, how to start your own blog. By the time you are done with this article, you might as well be sharing your blog link with your friends within 24 hours. Yes, it’s that easy.

Starting your blog is easier than you thought.
Starting your blog is easier than you thought.

Starting a blog in Nigeria might look a bit daunting until you actually start. One of the reasons why people keep on postponing opening their blogs is because they think that it is difficult to start a blog in Nigeria. Some other people think that starting a blog is expensive. 

Even though there are some important things to know, I maintain that starting your blog is easier than you thought. All you need is the willpower to start and you are all set. 

Why do you want to start a blog? 

I might as well show you immediately how to start your blog but if we don’t use this step, you might find yourself coming back to it. A lot of people have opened their own blogs, they already started publishing and sharing their content but they are back here, asking, why did they open the blog? 

Many times, this happens because they are burnt out and tired. Other reasons are that they do not have enough feedback. They don’t have people to comment, share and like their posts like they thought would happen on opening the blog. 

So that we won’t all get back to asking why you started your blog, we might as well trash that out now. Why do you want to open a blog? If you have a reason for blogging, it will help you through trying times as all you have to do is remind yourself of why you are here.

Starting a blog
start your blog

Here are common reasons why people open blogs: 

To build online influence

For a particular event or cause

To bond with their friends / share their lives

To make a career out of it (become a full-time Blogger)

To sharpen up their writing skills

To share some technical knowledge about a field or some scarcely accessible information

If you don’t have a reason why you want to open a blog, you should not. I don’t care if your reason for opening a blog is to make money, have a reason. 

Next, what do you want to blog about? 

So what blogging niche would you like to be in? What do you want to write about on your blog? There are many niches in blogging: beauty, lifestyle, food, style, general, news, tech, faith, digital marketing, politics, business, music, sports, think about it. Anything. As long as it can be discussed, it can be blogged about. 

So, decide what it is you want to share or write about on your blog, find one or two Bloggers in the same niche and scan through their blogs. You might also subscribe to their blogs so that you don’t miss updates. 

How to start your blog 

There are many blogging platforms on which you can start a blog. The most popular among the pack is Blogspot and Wordpress. Other blogging platforms are Squarespace, Google Sites, Tumblr, Medium etc. 

Some people actually start their own blogs on social media. While your reach is more and faster, I do not advise that. It’s usually good to have your own platform as a Blogger because that social media platform may cease to exist in some years to come. How would you handle that? 

If you, however, want a short-term blog, for a cause, an event or something really temporary, opening your blog on social media platforms may just be the right thing to do. 

Start your own blog
Start your own blog


Register on your blogging platform 

After choosing your blogging platform, just go on ahead to their site and register. If you want to use Blogspot for example, go to If you would like to start on Wordpress,  go to 

WordPress is of two types. There is a and a The former is entirely free while the later is a self-hosted paid platform. You can start on either. 

If however you want to start your blog for free and see how it goes for a while, use or 

Registering on these platforms is as easy as opening a social media account. Choose your domain name, blog title, and boom, create your blog. 

You can study your dashboard for a while, say 1 hour. Get familiar with it, move around and see what’s on each segment. You are ready to write and publish your first blog post. 

I would be glad to have you share your first blog post with me. I really look forward to it. Happy blogging!




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