This year has seen us enjoying lots of free browsing cheats and trick. Many of these are due to the MTN mPusle package recently launched by MTN. Although these cheats may not be working as well as it uses to before, many are still enjoying it. So today I will be sharing with you, some of the working free browsing cheat that is still blazing.

1) MTN N0.0K Free Browsing Cheat Using KPNTunnel Rev VPN App: This cheat has been blazing since it was discovered. The good thing about this cheat is that it is completely free and you required a tunnel VPN call KPNTunnel Rev VPN App.

2) MTN N0.0K Free Browsing Cheat Using HTTP Injector VPN: Just like the KPNTunnel Rev VPN cheat, this one is also completely free. All you need to do is download the HTTP Injector VPN  and enjoy your free browsing.

3) MTN mPulse Browsing Cheat with KPNTunnel Rev VPN App: While this cheat also makes use of the KPNTunnel Rev VPN App, it is not completely free. The cheat requires you to subscribe to any of the mPulse data plans.

4) MTN mPulse Browsing Cheat with HTTP Injector VPN App: This cheat also requires you to subscribe to any of the mPulse data plans before you can enjoy the offer. You need to download the HTTP Injector VPN App from the link above

5) MTN 0.0K Free Browsing Cheat On Spark VPN: This is another completely free browsing cheat that requires the use of Spark VPN App.

6) Airtel 0.0k Free Browsing Cheat 2018 Using Opera Mini Handler: Airtel users can enjoy this 0.0K free browsing by download Opera Mini Handler app. Visit the link and see how to activate and enjoy the free cheat on Airtel Nigeria.

NOTE: You can visit this link to get the latest 2in1 Working Config File For MTN mPulse Using Kpn Tunnel. Please note that the post was for education purpose and I hope the article was helpful to you. Please do share with us your comment and we will do well to get to you thanks.


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