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Create free Unlimited wordpress self hosting with Viewen

Free Cloud Hosting-Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwith with VIWEN  Free Hosting-Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwith with VIWEN  For a long time, I have been using “Viewen” Hosting completely free of charge. For all, you want to make a blog or multi-million dollar website, “Viewen” is the Perfect Web Hosting Providers and they continue to improve their services and “Viewen” is the best “free cloud hosting provider in the world”.

Zenith banks Introducing QWERTY Banking

Foremost Nigerian financial institution, Zenith Bank Plc has upgraded its Mobile App to include QWERTY Banking, a new feature that enables users to perform banking transactions while chatting on any social messaging platform.

One drive now back up and syncs your file & folder auto

Microsoft has rolled out a new folder protection feature to its cloud-based served One drive. The folder protection feature allows users to automatically sync desktop folders, pictures, and documents to the One drive.

How To Add Amazon Gift Card Code To Amazon Account

Sign in to your amazon.com account. Sign up if you don’t have an already registered account.

Free Guide: How To Use Amazon Gift Cards In Nigeria

If you don’t know how to use Amazon gift cards in Nigeria, this post is for you.  If you have some with you, you can :  sell the Amazon gift cards to make money or 

How To Add Another Website To Your Google Adsense Account

Google Adsense has “My sites” feature which allows Adsense publishers to build a list of websites to use in site-related actions, such as setting up site-level blocking rules. In this post, I want to quickly share with you, how to use the feature to add websites to AdSense account.

Tax Information for Amazon Affiliates In Nigeria

Are you an amazon affiliate in Nigeria wondering how to complete the tax information required by amazon? You’re not alone. 

The WordPress Plugin That Bulk Delete All Comments Easily

The plugin can help you in deleting all the comments (approved, pending, spam and trashed comments) from your wordPress site or you can just delete all the pending comments

Add Statcounter Code To WordPress To Track Users Visits etc.

There are different ways you can add StatCounter code to WordPress if you want to track users visits and more. You can add the code directly into your theme file, you can make use of the StatCounter WordPress plugin and you can also make use of third-party plugins eg Insert Headers and Footers plugin.

Blog Traffic Stats Tracking Code To Blogger Without Error, free

Statcounter.com is a website that allows website owners including bloggers to track and analyze their website traffic stats for free.

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LG Phoenix 4 (Budget Smartphone) – Specifications & Price

LG Phoenix 4 (Budget Smartphone) – Specifications & Price LG Phoenix 4 Specs, Price, Features and Review The LG Phoenix 4 is very similar to the just released LG Rebel 4 ...