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Facebook & Instagram Introduce New Tools check it out

Facebook has announced new tools to help people manage their time on its platform and on Instagram: an activity dashboard, a daily reminder, and a new way to limit notifications.   These tools were developed based on collaboration and inspiration from leading mental health experts and organizations, academics, Facebook’s extensive research, and feedback from its community. 

The WordPress Plugin That Bulk Delete All Comments Easily

The plugin can help you in deleting all the comments (approved, pending, spam and trashed comments) from your wordPress site or you can just delete all the pending comments

Setup free SSL: CloudFlare Free SSL in WordPress the Quickest Way

There is very few Free SSL certificate provider among them Cloudflare has the easiest way to set up on WordPress powered blogs. 

Best Tips To Add Your Blog Or Website To Opera Mini News Feed

Kindly send an email to this email address @ social-networks@opera.com You should get a reply from an opera mini agent telling you to write a formal and appropriate request together with your blog or site link that he will forward it to the newsfeed team. Do what he or she says and reply to him or her back with your details. 

Borrow Money Online In Nigeria Without Collatera free

Have you always wanted to borrow money online in Nigeria? Do you know there are companies that give loans online without collateral? Yes, you read it right.  Well if you haven’t heard or if you don’t know, now you do. I will be taking you through how you can borrow money online in Nigeria, without further ado……..

Guide to start a blog in Nigeria and become Rich (2018)

Starting a blog in Nigeria might look a bit daunting until you actually start. One of the reasons why people keep on postponing opening their blogs is because they think that it is difficult to start a blog in Nigeria. Some other people think that starting a blog is expensive. 

Get Airtel Triple Data 2.2GB for N500, 4.5GB for N1,000

Do you know you can get 3 times your normal data on the Airtel Triple data to offer? Yes, this is one of the cheapest data plan ever from Airtel. The company launched the promo...

How To Add Amazon Gift Card Code To Amazon Account

Sign in to your amazon.com account. Sign up if you don’t have an already registered account.

Independent Bonus: MTN BONUS With Free Data

In celebrating the Independence day, MTN is giving out 200% bonus on all Data subscriptions today, 1st October 2018.  Special Independence day wishes from XTRAVENILLE Concept.  UPDATE: Word reaching us now is that the MTN 200% Independence...

Blog Traffic Stats Tracking Code To Blogger Without Error, free

Statcounter.com is a website that allows website owners including bloggers to track and analyze their website traffic stats for free.

Blogging Tips

A Nice Guide to Creating Content for SEO In Blogging

If you’re relatively new to the world of search marketing, you may have heard the term “SEO content” being thrown around in marketing meetings.