Best 16 Custom Login Page Generator Plugins for WordPress
Best 16 Custom Login Page Generator Plugins for WordPress

Why do we buy a WordPress theme? Because we don’t want our site to look like any other WordPress site out there. We want ours to be unique. If that’s the case with themes, then why not with the login page?

Using a custom login page is one of the primary ways of providing a unique user experience. It uplifts brand identity, which is crucial for any business to succeed.

For blogs or membership sites that require visitors to log in to access content, WordPress’ default login page is the starting point. Before someone can access any subscriber-only material, they need to log in to the site first. Think about it. When you’re about to log in to the “members-only” area of a newly purchased membership site and you see the same old login screen that you’ve seen on every other WordPress site, how does that make you feel? The effect is slightly dampened, if not significantly. That’s why your business needs a customized version of the WordPress login page that’s tailored to the look and feel of your business. If you’re building a membership site, a custom login page is absolutely necessary.

If you’re building a custom solution for your clients, then it’s a good idea to white-label the WordPress login page (and preferably the admin area as well). White-labeling your client’s WordPress site uplifts brand identity and work as a marketing agent for inbound traffic.

How do we customize the WordPress login page? 

Method 1 

The easiest way to customize a WordPress login page would be to directly edit the wp-login.php file, which is definitely not a good idea. Why? For starters, it’s considered a poor software development practice. Secondly, whenever you update a core revision of WordPress, chances are that the file is replaced with a newer version. As a result, you’ll lose all customizations.

Method 2 

Another way is to build yourself a nice plugin with all customizations. You can add nifty features like links, buttons, and animations and pack them in the plugin. Once you activate the plugin, the changes are immediately incorporated. This is essentially the correct (and safe) way to execute the same process described earlier. Since it is a plugin we’re talking about, you won’t lose the customization while updating WordPress.

Here are a few tutorials to help you achieve this. Keep in mind that implementing these tutorials takes significant time and effort and that you might end up becoming a developer.


Method 3 

The third and final methods to customize your login page is the easiest one by far—WordPress plugins. Below are some of the best plugins to customize your WordPress login page. We’ve categorized the plugins under free, freemium, and premium to help speed up your plugin hunt.

Free Plugins 

Keeping in mind the growing list of attacks and vulnerabilities discovered every day, I’ve decided to list only those plugins that are from active developers.

Xtravenille Login Customizer

Best 16 Custom Login Page Generator Plugins for WordPress
Best 16 Custom Login Page Generator Plugins for WordPress


xtravenille Login Customizer is by far the most versatile plugin that allows customizing login form for WordPress. It packs all the functionality you will find on premium plugins but in this case you get everything for free. How cool is that?

Unlike other plugins, Colorlib Login Customizer allows to do customizations via WordPress Customizer. If you have ever customized or configured any theme, changes are, you are already familiar with its user friendly interface.

Here are more images to get an idea how powerful is this plugin: 


Memphis Custom Login Screenshot 2

Plugin’s demo login screen 

This plugin lets you customize the WordPress login page by changing the background and text color, font type, font size, etc.

Memphis Custom Login Screenshot 1

Plugin options 

You can hide a forgotten password or a registration link (this is useful if you want to disable registration). The plugin also supports Google Analytics and SSL-enabled WordPress sites.

BM Custom Login

BM Custom Login

Apart from the usual features like CSS customization, adding images, and background customization, BM Custom Login’s templates feature is unique. 

BM Custom Login Plugin Options

Plugin options 

The developer created a Flickr group where the plugin users share their customized version of the login page. You can create a new design using a PSD file provided on the image template folder of the plugin and then upload the new template to the plugin’s resource folder located at /wp-content/plugins/bm-custom-login/images/.

Sexy Login

The Sexy Login plugin brings a lot of AJAX-powered responsive components to your WordPress login page, whose main advantage is error handling without refreshing your screen (think incorrect or password reset situations). You can also add an optional reCAPTCHA verification to block spammers. The plugin, moreover, has a fallback mechanism for JavaScript disabled browsers.

Erident Custom Login and Dashboard 

Erident Custom Login and Dashboard

This plugin sports a ton of features, including heavy customization options ranging from background, fonts, animations, colors, opacity, gradients, and other awesome CSS capabilities. It can also change the footer text in the admin dashboard, which is great if you’re building a custom solution for your client.

screenshot-2 (1)

Demo login screen 

A major feature of this plugin is the settings import/export feature. This just makes things so much easier when you’re managing multiple websites.


A5 Custom Page Login

A5 Custom Page Login

This plugin has an awesome set of features, such as a login shortcode that lets you dynamically generate the login page anywhere on your WordPress site and a redirection module that takes your user to a desired landing page as soon as they log in. 

A5 Custom Page Login Options

The plugin doesn’t support custom CSS at the moment, so you’ll have to make do with the current set of customization features.

Birds Custom Login 

Birds Custom Login Output 2

This is another awesome multilingual plugin to customize your WordPress login page easily. It is responsive in design and supports a ton of customization features, along with a live preview within the settings screen. 

Custom Login Page

Custom Login Plugin Output

A unique feature of this plugin is the animated background. Set a couple of images, and watch the plugin generate an awesome animated slideshow. You can add your social media accounts with one click. Also, all the options are fully customizable. 

Tesla Login Customizer

Tesla Login Customizer

Developed by TeslaThemes, this plugin supports a ton of amazing features, including a fully responsive design and Google reCAPTCHA integration. 

WP Custom Login

WP Custom Login

This is a dead-drop simple plugin intended for a very specific purpose—adding a header and a footer to the WordPress login page. You can also include custom CSS in a file called custom-login.css located in your current theme’s directory.

Custom Login CSS

Custom Login CSS

This plugin has essentially the same features as the previous one. The only benefit is that it has a text box to include the custom CSS.

Freemium Plugins 

These plugins offer basic functionalities for free and charge for the advanced ones. Normally, these plugins have a lot of active users and are mostly updated since they have a higher number of active users.

Custom Login 

Custom Login Demo Output

This is one of the most popular freemium plugins with over 80,000 active installations. The free version includes tons of design features, along with custom CSS and JS code snippets. Extensions, such as stealth login and custom redirects, are housed under the premium tag.

Custom Login Page Customizer 

Custom Login Page Customizer Output

All the customization features are available in the free version. The premium version provides a reCAPTCHA verification module as a security addon.

Custom Login Page Styler 

Custom Login Page Styler Output

This plugin has over 9,000 active installations. Unfortunately, it hides a lot of its advanced CSS features under the premium tag. If CSS isn’t your strong suite but you’re looking to style your login page anyhow, this plugin might just be for you. On a developer’s side note, this plugin is also compatible with any other that hooks in the login form, including BuddyPress, bbPress, and Limit Login Attempts.

Premium Plugins 

Premium plugins have extended functionalities and come with a basic level of developer support. The following are a few that I found at CodeCanyon. (I’m not going to go over the details since the plugin pages have all the features enlisted.)

White Label Branding for WordPress ($29)

White Label Branding for WordPress

Simply put, this plugin is a complete solution for white-labeling your WordPress site. Also, this plugin has over 4,600+ sales and has a rating of 4.66 out of 5. 

White Label Branding for WordPress Options


More Info | Preview

Custom Login & Access WordPresss Plugin ($20)

Custom Login & Access WordPresss Plugin Demo

This is another great plugin with a ton of features. It has 1,000+ sales and has a rating of 3.87 out of 5.

More Info | Preview 

Tailored Login 

Tailored Login

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